Friday, 1 June 2018

Bench's Bedroom

We are reading the book 'Posted' by John David Anderson.  Bench has an orange bedroom.  Connor and Reagan have recreated his room.  Next time they would like to make it bigger and give it another coat of paint.


  1. Hello Room 6,

    That house is so cool! I really liked the flashing, colorful light, it reminded me of a disco party. Can you tell us more? How long did it take? How did you connect up the light to make it work? Who is Bench? Great work though, I really like all of your posts. Keep up the great work!

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  2. Hola Reagan and Connor!

    I am Bridie from Parkview School. I thought the idea of recreating the bedroom was such a creative and fun idea! It looks like you spent a lot of time into making it. I thought the flashing lights were really cool, they added a nice effect. I would really enjoy seeing the bigger model of the bedroom! How long did it take to make the mini version?
    Bridie Year 8

  3. Hello room six
    I'm sam and im from parkview school.
    I loved the way you made the bed, it was futuristic and the lights they were pretty cool to, how did you make it? Your bedroom made me think of when i tried to make a room for what now to do up, but mine wasn't so successful as yours. Maybe you could include a bit more light because it was quite dark. For maybe more light you could cut out windows in the walls or even a sky light?
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  4. hello room six i am Tyrone from Parkview School i really like the bright colors but maybe you could have cut a bigger hole but nice work

  5. Hello
    I am from NBC and i loved your video. I love art and crafts so i found this very interesting. I love the how creative you have been with the light. Is it and LED light? Did you know that LED lights save electricity and last a lot longer than other lights? I hope to see more creative work posted on your blog.

  6. Hello Connor and Reagan,
    I really enjoyed watching your video. It's cool how you recreated the bedroom. My favourite part of the bedroom was the colour of the changing lights.
    How long did take it take to make this, was it a long time? It's got heaps of detail to it. Next time would you be able to have a birds eye view (top down look)? If you do this, then we can see everything really well. I think you guys are amazing and hope we can do something as cool as this in our class.

  7. Hello Connor and Reagan,
    I'm Jess from NBC I really enjoyed this video you made,were did you get the colour changing lights? Next time you should make the hole a bit bigger so it is easier to see the inside. overall I really liked your video.


  8. Hello Connor and Reagan,
    I really enjoyed watching your video on what Bench's bedroom.
    I loved the flashing lights it made me feel like there was a disco ball inside
    (You might have been going for a disco ball or something else but its really cool.)
    I don't think I know (who or what) Bench is so I would love to know.
    As I said in the beginning I really enjoyed watching and loved how creative this is.

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    Kind Regards

    - Jasmine
    New Brighton Catholic school

  9. Kia Ora Connor and Reagan,
    My name is Lucas from Parkview school. I really like that little project you made, How long did it take to made? Was there any mistakes? This makes me feel Happier with the coloration. I agree with your statement saying "Next time they would like to make the box bigger" It seems a bit small, I know you two can make that box bigger. I hope I hear from you guys again soon! Please visit my blog.

  10. Hey Connor and Reagan
    My name is Tai and I go to Parkview Primary school. I really like your blog post Its creative and cool. Is bench a person if (he or she) is was Bench having a party a he forgot to tern the light off
    asides form that I think its really cool.

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  11. Hey Room 6,
    Wow, this video is awesome! I love the neon lights, it looks so cool and goes very well with the room. It looks like you've put a lot of effort into it. How long did it take you to make it? Next time perhaps you should make a coutom bedroom of your choice. That would be awesome.
    Claudia-Parkview School :)

  12. Hello awahono school,
    I think that bedroom is very colorful.
    I hope you do another masterpiece.

  13. G´day Connor and Reagan I really like how you recreated the room especially with the light and how its set out I wish to see more of this from you guys its so cool and amazing looking have a good dat
    From hunter Parkview school


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