Wednesday, 16 May 2018

'Posted' by John David Anderson

In class  we have been reading the book 'Posted'.  We had to recreate what we thought Rose looked like.


  1. Hello room 6, my name is Aysha, I’m from Parkview school.
    I really liked how you drew what you thought Rose looked like from the book you were reading.
    It reminded me of when I had to draw what I thought book characters looked like. Maybe next time you could add information on what Rose is like, or what you think she would be like if she was your friend? Keep up the amazing work!
    -Aysha, from Parkview School.

  2. Kia ora room six from Awahono school. My name is Richard from Parkview Primary school in Christchurch. I really like the format that you use for your blog it made me think of how everyone else should use the same format as you. Have you thought about posting at certain time every week rather just all in one day. Keep up your great success and check out my learning at

  3. Hello room 6, my name is Angel and I am a student at Parkview School.
    I really like your drawings that you did of what Rose looks like. The drawing that you did is probably what I would imagine Rose to look like in my head. If I did read the story, it reminded me of when I was at my old school, Gilberthorpe, and we were creating our own drawings of our own people that we created that we had to colour in with pastels and it took a while to finally finish our people. Have you thought about adding why you chose all of the clothing and describing why you chose the look of the person? If you would like to see my learning blog, this is the link - Good job on your drawings.

  4. Kia ora room 6. My name is Mitch. I go to Parkview School and I am a year 8. Check out our blog School Blogs — Parkview School. I like your drawing, it is really cool. It is better than me, I wish I could draw like you

  5. Hello room 6, i'm mahir I come from parkview primary school i'm year 8 I like you're drawing it has lots of detal keep up the good work make sure to check out my blog and the rest of my teams blog all 5 of us like you're work

  6. Kia ora, Room Six Awahono School. This is Ella from Parkview Primary School Room 8. I really like the drawing that you done, it looks really artistic and I love it. How long did it take to do the drawing? Who is the Author for the book “Posted?” Was it fun doing the drawing for Belle? I hope to hear back from you Room 6 and keep up the artistic work, and hopefully you guys will be artists in the future. Great work.

    Kind Regards Ella.


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