Friday, 31 August 2018

Spelling Relay

We got outside and enjoyed the sun!  In relay teams each member had to run down to the other end of the court and look at their spelling list.  Then they ran back and wrote the word down correctly before handing the pen over to the next runner.  The winning team had the most words recorded after 5 minutes.


  1. Hiya,

    Ebony here and I love these photos so so much and they are very well taken because you can see they are working together and they are spelling there words out. I love the first photo of Ella she looks like she is enjoying herself by writing her word out it looks like a long word too. But I love all the photos I also love the blurb at the top just saying what we had to do and the running was very tiring, I got tired very fast. I also liked running and working together with my team but my most favorite part was watching everyone run and write their words down.

    Kind Regards,


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  3. Hi room 6

    Hi Lucas here from Parkview School. I really like to run to and I also really like the sun it makes me happy seeing other people enjoying it to. One thing I would like to see is how many words each team wrote and who won. I would like to read more of your posts please post lots more.

    Thanks Lucas

  4. Hello room Six
    Nice work on this post:D. Its sound really fun and maybe my class can try it some day. The photo's make it look like the children really enjoy doing a spelling relay. Was it confusing at the start? How much words did the winning team have?Maybe you could Of put more information about what type of words you had to write and some more photo's but apart from that Great work. If you want to check out my blog click on my name.
    -Ammalina :P

  5. Hey room 6,
    Great job on this post :). It sounded super fun and maybe my class can try it one time. Did the kids find it confusing at first? Did they like this activity? Anyways, great job again. Maybe just next time try including a little bit more information but apart from that, amazing job!
    Click on my name to visit my school blog :). Kind regards, Katie-jay.

  6. Bula Awahono school Room 6,
    I'm Lottie and I am a Year 8 student of Parkview School.
    Fantastic blog post l love it! Its very well explained and l can see you guys had tonnes of fun. Its really cool that you have done two subjects at once. A thing you could include next time is maybe show us a picture of your fabulous work.
    Once again great job :)
    ~ Vinaka Lottie

  7. hey room 6,
    you guys done a good job on this post, it sounded like you had a real fun time,maybe my class could try it sometime. maybe just for next time try including a little bit more information but other than that, good job

    kind Regards, Manaia

  8. Salve Room 6,
    The relay sounds fun and can also help with your spelling, amazing idea. (definitely better than normal spelling) Were the teams picked at random or spelling groups? and if so who won? I'm sure my class will try it one day, we might even be able to come up with more ideas for rules that make the game more fun!

    Te visurum, Logan

  9. Hello Again, Room 6!
    I'm Lucas from Parkview School and, The idea of playing a game like that is amazing. Did you create the game or did you get the idea from something Else? I'd love to hear back from you and see more posts. Thanks!

  10. Hi Room 6!
    My name is Tauvale from Parkview school the game that you guys are playing looks really fun How did you create this game it looks really cool hope you had fun.

  11. Hi room 6
    my name is JP I am from parkview school that spelling relay looks really fun and it must help you with your spelling you would need fast and smart people if you want to win my question is did you make up this game or not? bye awahono school.


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