Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Wheels Week

To help the school learn all the road safety messages this week we have brought our 'wheels' to school and being riding around 'Wheel Town', designed by Room 6.  Every child has a license and will receive demerit points if caught disobeying the road signs.

Harrison is holding the 'GO' sign.    Lily has traffic stopped for a train.   Zoe & Mackley at the top are slowing down around the bend and Police Office Alex is looking out for trouble with his stop sign!


  1. I think that it is very good that you are teaching young kids rules of the road .

  2. Hi,i'm Hannah from Marshland School,I love this because we did road safety on our bikes in year 6. You brought me back to when I did road safety at school and I really enjoyed it. Make sure you stay safe on the road and look both ways before you cross the road.

  3. Kia Ora, my name is Mia and I'm from Marshland School. This is a really cool idea. This remind me when Marshland School did road safety on our bikes. It looked like you guys were having lots fun. Make sure you stay safe on the road!

  4. hey guys looks like awsome fun with the bikes and scooters the stop signs are dope

  5. Kia Ora room 6, I'm Kasey! A year 7 at Marshland school. I love the concept of this idea! At Marshland each year the year 6s would learn cycle safety and even go on the road! (obviously after some training and with an instructor)

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