Wednesday, 9 May 2018

My Post of 'Posted' by John David Anderson

In class this week 3 friends and I made a Minecraft Branton Middle School from our book Posted,  here is a video of our School.


  1. Hello John,

    Well done, I love how you have used a different way to present using a Minecraft video. Maybe next time make it clear what you are showing by maybe telling in your brief or heading why you made this and also giving us a link to the book or showing a picture of it?
    Thanks you for your great work!

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  3. Kia ora room 6 @Awahono school,
    My name is Kahu.
    I really like the school in the minecraft world. How long did it take you to make the school? I like that the lockers are iron doors and you made a hallway to the lockers and the classes. I liked how you had the desk with carpet and a fence. The whole school looks awesome. What gave you the idea to build a school? It made me think of when I was 8 years old and used to play on my pc and when I used to build a big building. Have you thought about making a hunger games stadium. If you would like to see my learning. My blog is

  4. Hi Room Six, Awahono School,
    I’m Heidi from Rm 9, Team 4, Parkview School, Christchurch. ����������
    This is super cool, �������� I love the library, (I'm a total bookworm��΢��) I think the lockers were also a great asset. How long did this take? And is this based on your actual school? It's so spacious! Using villagers as kids was really cool! Do you know how to spawn kid villagers? I really like minecraft, because you can build whatever you want! Have you thought about making something else? Overall this is awe-inspiring, and I hope to see more minecraft creations. If you would like to see my learning blog go to,

  5. Hola John,
    I really like your minecraft school you are very talented. It made me think of when I made a high school on my minecraft world, it took me three weeks! Did you think about adding some description about what the different rooms are called?
    Kind regards Jasmine, Parkview School

  6. Hello Awahono School my name is Lucas. I am from Parkview School in Christchurch.
    I really like your Minecraft video. It gives me a very good picture in my head of what your School looks like your school looks spacious and modern.
    Thank You I would you to check out my blog at

  7. Greetings, Room Six at Awahono school,
    My name is Max and I’m a year 8 at Parkview school.
    I loved your minecraft video. I thought it was a cool and different idea. I have never seen it before. I love how you have put in minor details which make it better like putting dispensers behind the iron doors, the room under the stairs and the choice of materials for the entire building. To improve maybe you could name some of the rooms so we know what they are. If you would like to see my learning my blog is

  8. Bonjour Awahono School.I am a student from Parkview Primary, Christchurch.
    Amazing job on creating your ENTIRE school in Minecraft. I can tell you have put a lot of effort into it because it looks like the real school. This reminds me of when I built a house in minecraft. Maybe next time you could explain what is happening and where you are. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š

  9. Kia ora, my name is Piper,
    The school you made on minecraft looks amazing, I love how detailed it is. My favourite part of the school was the lockers, they looked so cool. Also the cafeteria, it was very nice. How long did it take you to make the whole school? Was it hard? Where did you get the idea to make the school? I really like your work. Check out my learning at my blog:
    Piper-senior squad.


  10. Bula Awahono school room 6 , My name is Lottie. l go to parkview primary school in Christchurch.

    Fantastic work on this amazing school , I love it how it has lots of detail and special features. This has taken me back to when me and my friend always used to build a school and let other people join!! It would be so cool if you added in who designed it and did you make it on a xbox or tablet or what device you used.

    Vinaka Lottie .

  11. Kia Ora, Room 6 at Awahono School, I’m Tai from Parkview School. I really like your minecraft make over of your school - I think it’s really cool. My favourite part of the build was the cafe. I would just like to find out something - are there more classrooms at your school then there are in the video and was it hard to get everything in place? How many people helped make it? If you would like to look at my learning here's a link to my blog.

  12. Hello Room Six. Well done with your Minecraft creation of Awahono school! It must have taken a long time to build. I like the way you have the food area with the pictures of the food and also the awesome library. Maybe next time put words or an indication of what room you’re showing us. Great work!!! If you would like to see my learning my blog is
    From Tauvale, Parkview School


  13. Hello Room six, I really like the way you showed us the school using minecraft. It must have taken you a really long time to finish it - how long did it take? Keep up the great posts.
    From Brayden, Parkview School

  14. Hello i really like that you did a minecraft this it was made me think of when i made one of them on my account it looks cool . i hope you can do another indorsting one. If you would like to see my blog go to http;//

  15. Kia ora room 6. My name is Mitch. I go to Parkview School and I am a year 8. Check out our blog School Blogs at I like your video, it is really cool. It is better than me. However did you do that minecraft mod? That was cool, you should make another video, it was epic. It made me want to watch it again and again. You guys rock, from Mitch (;

  16. Kia ora room 6, my name is Rhys. I loved that minecraft video, it was cool and all the other stuff on your blog was awesome too. It would be nice if you guys could check out this link

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  18. Tuhinga o mua from Room Six
    my names Sam and I’m from Parkview School in Canterbury.
    I really liked the way you had all sorts of different rooms and stories, plus the toilets I thought were really cool. It made me think of the minecraft school that I made but it surely wasn’t as big or awesome as the one you guys built. Have you thought of maybe adding more classrooms in the future? If you want to see my blog it right there →


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