Thursday, 9 August 2018

Avatar Art

Year 6 have joined our class this term so we created some new artwork of our whole class.  We used 'Cartoonify' to make avatars of ourselves.  Using the avatars as a reference we enlarged the image onto A2 paper.  We used vivids for the outlines and painted them.  Do you recognise any of them?


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    1. Hey Room 6,
      Your art is so cool! There so unique to each other and I love the detail. I like how you actually used natural colours for your avatar artwork rather than having (Example), Rainbow hair or clothing. It makes them look so awesome. I think that maybe next time you should do characters off rather your favorite movie or book. That would be awesome. Great job though,
      Claudia :3

  2. Hello room 6, My name is Angel and I am a student at Parkview school. I really like your art work, It is really neat!, It reminded me of when I used to go to Gilberthorpe school, we had to creat our own person and colour it in in pastels which took a while, and in the background we had to write words to describe their personality and how they look. Have you thought about if you do something similiar to this possibly add your names at the bottom so we could know who all of them is?, Great job on your art work!.

  3. Hi Awahono school its Tauvale here from Parkview school I really like your Avatar art looks really cool I also like the colours that you used and how you have added flash gasses great job keep it up.

  4. Kia Ora Awahono! I am a senior at Parkview School I love your guys's avatar art how long did it take to make them and did you sketch them before hand and did more than one class participate for the art anyways I will be sure to look at another really cool blog next time, Guyan

  5. kia ora Room 6
    Your art looks great and its cool how you used cartoonify to create an avatar.
    Have you thought about how you could Of explained the techniques of coloring them? I think that at some point in primary school we have to do a portrait of ourselfs. I like that you showed the year 6s what you all looked like as avatars.

  6. Kia ora Awahono school. I really like how you have made your artwork realistic with all the colours and the shape and sizes. I can see how much you have worked with getting it to look amazing [ I can tell your better then me in the art category] keep working hard and archiving your goals have a great weekend sincerely Jaide from parkview school.

  7. hello Tyrone from parkview school, I really like these drawings are they self portrates? and how long did it take?

  8. Kia Ora Awahono school! My name is Manaaki and I am a senior student a Parkview school in Christchurch. I really like your artwork and I am impressed by how realistic they look. The size and colours seemed to be chosen very carefully. Maybe next time put a little name badge on your artwork so we know who did which one. I hope you have a good day!
    - Manaaki from Parkview school.

  9. Hello Richard from parkview school, I really enjoyed the way you presented multiple art pieces instead of taking individual photos it made me think of our school could do that. Have you thought about going a bit more into depth about the process it toke to create the masterpieces.

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  11. Kia Ora Awahono school. I liked the way you made them look realistic all the shapes are right good job.You brought me back when I had to make my face. Next time maybe put a WALT. My blog is

  12. To room 6 awahono school
    I really love your art.
    it looked very creative and very talented great job!
    It made me think of my first time creating my face.
    Next time you could put a WALT on like what Brandon said but I think it was awesome!. If you would like to check out my blog its

  13. Hello room 6
    Alex from parkview school here
    Each and every piece of the artwork you made is different and unique in its own way. Good job, also I think that you were all very creative and did a great job.
    Next time could you maybe think about adding in a WALT and a few things about how the students felt making the art and did they like it.
    If you would like to check out my blog its

  14. Kia ora room 6
    kody from parkview school here
    i think your artwork is amazing and unique it was very creative you did a very good job next time can you maybe say why you chose that art.

  15. Hi room 6
    Im Lucas from Parkview school I extremely like each piece of detail you put into each piece of art work. One thing I think you could improve with is making them a pit more realistic.

  16. Hi
    I am JP from parkview school I really like the detail you put into this you guys should of put there names on top of the picture and my question is how long did it take to make this piece of art? bye Awahono school.

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  18. Hi room 6,
    I am Stanley from Tamaki Primary School I like how you used Cartoonify for a reference for yourself keep up the GOOD work and I hope yous become artist


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