Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Midland Line Athletics 2018

Yesterday we had our Midland Line Athletics in Greymouth.  The children all gave it their best effort and produced some great results!
Year 7 Boys begin their sprints.

Jayden clearing the high jump.

Will Ben make it?

Harrison flying.

Ryan doing the high jump.

Does Miro's other leg go over?

Reagan at the discus

Chloe-Rose throws the discus.


  1. Hey Hey

    I'm Ebony you all probably know me, Monday was an awesome day. The worst thing that happened was when it started to rain I was in the middle of a race:( But then it turned out really nice and sunny, it was a great day but I did hurt my back and knee running and doing high jump. I hope you all had a great day.

    kind Regards,

  2. Hi Room 6 I do agree I thought everyone was doing there best effort! It hurt my chest when I was doing the long distance running! I like how you put captions down below the photos so we know whats going on!

    Kind Regards,

  3. Hi it's Ben from Awahono School. In the second and third pictures what was the height that Ben and Jayden get? I like how all of the children tried there best. Did any of the students qualify for West Coast?

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Ben, the other Ben passed 1.11m, earning a 1st = and Jayden cleared 1.09m, coming in 3rd. Unfortunately we can only send our top 2 place getters to West Coast Athletics, so Jayden has missed out for high jump, but qualified in other events. Ben has qualified to go for high jump though.
    Mrs Hahn

  5. Hi awahono school
    It's Jp I am from parkview school that is some good jumping the thing you can improve on is saying how high or far it was and my question is who is the best athlete in your school got to go bye?.

  6. Kia Ora Room Six

    I really like how you took photos of what sports you are doing for athletics.It made me think of when my school did athletics because we did the same activitys like what you guys did. In one of the photos when "Harrison is flying" is that long jump? If you would like to see my learning, my blog is https://pvstessat.blogspot.com/

  7. Hi awahono school
    I am Tauvale from parkview school I like the great work you are putting in your High jump,sprints and long jump It looks like you can jump really high who is the fastest in your school? great job.

  8. Hello Room Six!

    It looks like you guys had such a fun time at your athletics day. We had ours last week. You guys have some impressive athletes at your school. I would really like to know how far and high the students jumped, maybe next sporting event you could add that in. Good work to all of the competitors!

  9. Hi guys!
    I really liked this post! It was simple, had me wondering what did happen, and great photos. Who won?(if, like, you could win.)

  10. Hi Awahono school
    I'm Sophie from Parkview school. you look like you all was very competitive on the day. A bit like my school. do you guys go to Canterbury like we do. go look at my blog.

  11. Kia Ora Awahono school.
    My name is Manaaki and I am from Parkview School in Christchurch. I really enjoyed looking through your photos from athletics and your captions were very creative. Recently we had our zone athletics which is like a competition against other schools. Do you guys have anything like that?
    Great job Awahono!

    Kia kaha
    - Manaaki

  12. hi awahono school
    good job on the post dont stop and be fit good luck on the people that made it and nice job for the people who tried

  13. hi guys
    its scout from parkview school i like how you guy are trying your best at every sport hope you guys had fun and one question who won the sport.

  14. Hi Room six,
    I'm Ammalina From Parkview school. You guys all look like your really good and competitive. Did any Of you win anything? Maybe you could of put some of the results. Did you have lots of fun there? the photos reminded when we did our athletics because it looks like our equipment. Is any of your competitors going to a high level of athletics? Good work to all the competitors!
    -Ammalina :D

  15. Kia Ora Awahono school.
    My name is kody from parkview i live in Christchurch i liked how you described what they were doing while i was scrolling through the photos i was wondering if you have zones? and if you do where is it? We had heaps of fun at our school athletics,did you have fun at yours?
    Thanks for sharing with us!

    - kody


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  17. Kia Ora I'm Leticia from Marshlands school, i loved this because you didn't just add just one person into the sports post you added many people, this reminded me of when i did high jump and made it for the first time (which never happens), next time try and add more info,also when did you do the sports, good job.

  18. Kia ora my name is Hamish i'm a year 8 student from Tamaki primary school in east Auckland I really really enjoyed the photo Ryan looks magnificent at the high jump so does Jayden and Ben.I really hope miro's leg gets over.Here is some feedback

    1.can you try to write more about the kids so we know who they are?

    Kind Regards

  19. Kia ora room 6, my name is Mckenna and I am a year 7 from Marshland School, I really like the way that you did not just put photos but you also put what they were doing and there name. Next time maybe you could put in their places.


Thank-you for your comments.