Sunday, 4 November 2018

Pet Day 2018


We recently held our annual pet day.  Each child completes a pet project on one of their pets or a pet they would love to own.  On the day pets are brought along to be judged, and the students participate in workshops.  The winners of each category receive amazing prizes from our wonderful sponsors, thank you!
This is Mia's information report on her horse, which was part of her pet project.  She also completed an outstanding poster too.


  1. Hi Mia, you did a great job on your video. It was extremely informative and I learned a lot about Appaloosas.
    Mrs Idle

  2. Kia Ora Room Six

    I like how you did a pet day for your school and took some photos about it. It made me think of my school once did a pet day it was fun. how come you did pet day? If you would like to see my learning, my blog is

  3. Kia ora awhono school Richard here from Parkview I like how you had a big variety of pictures it made me think of movies of when they have pet days. Have you thought adding a caption to every picture.

  4. Hola Awahono school,I think its really cool that you did a pet day! I would love to do one at my school as well! Since I don't have a pet, my dream pet would be a snake or a puppy. Why does your school hold a pet day? Who judges the pets?
    Kind regards, Emily, Parkview school.

  5. Hello Mia,
    I love horses they are my favourite animal. My favourite breed is a leopard spot appaloosa. The pictures reminded me of my appaloosa whisper.It would be more helpful if you described some other horses habitats, like the north Swedish or welsh pony, because they live in cold mountain areas. what is your favourite breed of pony? and also do you think shires are cute? I do.
    -kind regards Piper.

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  7. Hello room 6, I really enjoyed your post on pet day! What kind of workshops did you do? I love horses as well, so i found the video very interesting. How many pets did you end up having at your school, and what kind of pets did you have?
    I am looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  8. Maybe you could describe more about what you did.


Thank-you for your comments.