Tuesday, 4 September 2018

El Gregoe

Today we were privileged to have El Gregoe back at our school for another entertaining show.  He impressed us with his magic and ventriloquism.  El Gregoe's message to us all was to treat others how we wish to be treated. 


  1. Hey Hey

    Ebony here again, and yes I had a lot and I mean a lot of fun with El Gregoe yesterday he is like the best. I was just so amazed on his magic yesterday I felt like a little kid just getting wowed from his amazing magic. The main part about his show is to tell us a big big message of no bulling and treat people how you want to be treated. But I had to time of my life. The birds he has are too cute. They are also different sizes too.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Hello room 6! My name is Angel and I am from Parkview School. I really enjoyed how you explained his visit to you, it reminded me of when he came to our school in 2016! It was a while ago but it was still fun and I remember it clearly, maybe next time you could add a question at the end for example, has any of you had El Gregoe come to your school? Nice post I really enjoy his magic and tricks, Great post! - Angel

  3. Kia ora Room 6,
    That is a very important message. I always try super hard to treat people as I like to be treated. How many birds does he have? Do they talk too? What was the main piece of learning you took away from El Gregoe's visit?

  4. Hola room six
    I always enjoy myself when I see him, he always sends a positive message and makes it stick. What was your favorite act?

  5. Kia ora,Room 6,
    I really liked this little story on El Gregoe's journey to your school. our school at N.B.C has seen him to, last time we saw him was this year. I loved how the bird talks and I actually got a prize from him to it was highlighters like that girl had in her hand it was a really cool experience. something you could work on is... add more things you learnt and what you enjoyed most about El Gregoe.

  6. Hey Room 6,
    Wow.It seems liek you've had a great time with your visit from El Gregoe. I like the pictures yuo've chose to post on yuor blog-It really shows us what kinds of (magic) performances and acts he had to show. Im just curious to know what was the most loved/fvaourite act of yours. That would be really cool to know. But anyway great blog post, I really enjoyed it :3

  7. Kia ora Room six
    I really like how you guys participated in the activities, it looks like it would be super fun. It reminded me of when he came to our school and some of the students volunteered to help. Maybe explain a little more about the acts or ask questions to the audience. What was your favourite part? and have you been using the message?

  8. Bola room 6! My name is Alex and I am from Parkview School. I really enjoyed how you explained his visit to you, it reminded me of when he came to our school in 2016! It was a while ago but it was still fun and I remember it clearly, maybe next time you could add a question at the end for example, has any of you had El Gregoe come to your school? Nice post I really enjoy his magic and tricks, If you would like to visit my learning blog you can see it @ https://pvsnegusa.blogspot.com/

  9. Hi I like it that he wen't to your school. It made me think of when he come to our school it was fun. Maybe you can do more photos of the thing he done with you.

  10. Hi,Room 6,
    This blog reminds me of when I went to Eastgate mall and El Gregoe was doing a show. I really like how you added the photos to show what he did. Maybe next time what you could do is add more description about what he did. If want to check out my blog this is it: https://jasmine11rm18.blogspot.com/

  11. Hi!
    My names Heidi, and im a yr 7 student at parkview school. I think that having el gregoe come to your school would be super cool! Maybe next time, you could explain some of the other things he did. also, do you have individual blogs?

  12. Hola Room 6
    I am Sophie from Parkview school. I remember when he came and saw us it was so amazing what did you guys lean about going to him?
    maybe just next time put more of what you did.
    came and look at my blog.

  13. Hola room 6, My name is Tessa I am from Parkview School. I really liked how you explanted his visit to you, I remember when he came to my school in 2016. it was fun but I don't remember all of it. But maybe next time you could add some questions for us to answer, but I still liked all of your photos. did you have fun? did you learn some new stuff? if you would like to visit my blog some times here is the link https://pvstessat.blogspot.com/

  14. Kia ora room six Kody from Parkview school i think El Gregoe is so cool i remember when i was a year five and he came to my school i really learnt a lot but i think next time you should maybe put some more of his motos or something like that. Bye hope you reply.

  15. hello am Leo from Parkview school your blog post was cool maybe next time you can take a video so we can see what he did for his magic and he came to my school one time he was pretty cool was he good at your school?

  16. Hello Room 6,
    I am Bridie from Parkview school. I really enjoyed this post, in the pictures it looked like you guys were having a lot of fun! I really like the motto 'treat others how we wish to be treated'. What was your favourite part of the show? I would like it next time if you explained a bit more of what you did with El Gregoe. Has your class been following the special message? Can't wait till I see your next posts!
    - Bridie

    1. Oops after reading my comment I realized I had spelling error. I meant 'Liked' instead of 'like'

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  18. Kia ora Room 6
    I'm Caylah from Parkview School in room 9a
    I like the way you added cool pictures with El Gregoe in them. This reminded me of when El Gregoe came to Parkview and I just loved the bird the whole time. Was it just room 6 that got to see El Gregoe?
    anyway keep up the amazing work.

  19. Hi room six its Tauvale from Parkview Primary school here I really think that El Gregoe is really cool I can remember when he came to our school he taught us heaps of stuff maybe next time put some more pictures of some different tricks bye please reply.

  20. Kia Ora Room 6
    I'm Anya and I am a Year 8 student of Parkview School.
    I really like the funny pictures in this post and it looked so much fun !!
    This remindered me of when I was Year 6 and El Gregoe came to our school. What was you favourite part ? Did you have fun ?
    Anyways kepp up the great work
    ~ Anya

  21. hi room 6 i really like the El Gregoe its cool iv seen it on tv before its a good bye brayden

  22. hi it's mahir from parkview love the post it would be nice if you could leave a video. how come he came so late?

  23. kia ora room 6
    I'm Blair from parkview school I liked it that you enjoyed your time from your visit from El Gregoe I remember when he came visited us it's an amazing experience to watch
    next time you should explain what ventriloquism is just for the people that don't know what it is and try and put more of his motos in there. bye hope you reply

  24. Hello Room 6!
    My name is Lucas from Parkview school. I remember my first time El Gregoe would visit my school, It was amazing! I agree with your statement with him teaching others with kindness. What was your favorite trick? Why was it your favorite? I'd love to have some feedback.

  25. hello room 6, you guys look like you had some fun and laughs maybe next time you could show us a video so we had some more info about it elgregoe is a really funny man and also you could put captions of what he was doing below the photos I would also love some feedback anyways have a good evening room 6 thats all from me

  26. hi room 6
    you guys looked like you had lots of fun and laughed so much i wish i was there
    at my old school we had so meany magicians that came to my school
    how long was he there for?
    -Jessie :)

  27. Hello room 6 this is Piper from Parkview school.
    I loved the magic he preformed when he came to our school in 2016. I think it was an awesome experience. it reminded me of this other magician I met called Sophie. she was a magician that came to my old school Burwood. did you like the show? what was your favourite trick?
    kind regards

  28. Kia ora room 6, Awahono school
    It looked like you guys had an amazing time! Wish I was there with you guys :) How was it? What was some of the tricks he showed you? Anyway, thanks again for an amazing post to read and comment on. I look forward to seeing more of your cool posts in the future. - Katie-jay


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