Wednesday, 7 November 2018

ASB Get Wise

We had a visitor from the 'ASB Get Wise' programme come and teach us about financial literacy.  We learned about the concept of earning, spending wisely and saving.
We played a game where our stick figures went on holiday to Fiji.  We needed to make decisions about how to pay for things like accomodation and tickets, choosing to either use cash or credit card.  We also needed to decide which deal would be the best. 
We found it quite stressful at times, but enjoyed it!  We learned to ask lots of questions and research the deals.


  1. Hi it's Jp
    what is the programme called you guys would of made lots of success you guys could of told us how much you guys made my question is who long was the programme going for?.

  2. Hi it's Cybella from Parkview!
    I like your blog post, I like the pictures. It made me remeber when I did the ASB programme. I really like your post!
    Feel free to comment on my blog
    From Cybella

  3. Kia ora, its Katiejay from Parkview!
    I really enjoyed looking at your post. I always do :) This made me think of the time I did the ASB programme. Feel free to look at my blog by clicking in my name. - Katie


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