Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Posted Splashzone

Posted Splash Zone

In class we are reading a book named 'Posted' by John David Anderson. Here is my splash zone drawing. The Splash zone is in the olden days before special effects come to be, they got an animals bladder full of  animal blood and hid it under their clothes.  During a fighting scene it would be punctured. Here is my drawing.


  1. Hola room six. Im Sean from Parkview School and I love special effects, and who doesn't? It's so interesting to look at how they evolved and think what could come next. Do you know what type of animal they used? To check out my blog simply go to

  2. Kia ora room 6. My name is Mitch. I go to Parkview School and I am a year 8. Check out our blog School Blogs — Parkview School. I like your drawing, it is really cool. It is better than me, I wish I could draw like you

  3. hello room 6,my name is piper and i go to Parkview School. I really like how you drew the 'splash zone' I want to draw like that! I didn't know they used animal bladders. what type of animal did they use? to check out my blog go to

  4. Hey Room 6,
    I think thsi drawing is awesome. Very creative and involves a lot of detail. Have you finsihed the book yet? I see that you post a lot of drawing pictures about the book posted, maybe you should read toher books and do drawing about the characters in there. Have you read Wonder? It's a very great book and it would be cool if you could draw some characters from there. Awesome drawing though,
    Claudia-Parkview School :)


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