Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Welcome to 2018

Really looking forward to getting to know all the wonderful students in Room 6!  Keep up the hard work.


  1. Hey Room 6!

    Have a great year!
    I started my new school in Nelson last week, I am having so much fun! Hopefully you guys are too, I bet Mrs Hahn is an amazing teacher.

    Anyway miss you all heaps and heaps and hope to see you all some time this year.

    - Lily xo

    1. Hi Lily, do you have a blog we can check out?

  2. Hi Room 6!
    I hope you guys are having fun so far this year and will have fun the whole year. How are you guys doing in class in Term 1 so far? I am having fun this year and you guys must be having fun this year in room six. Maybe next time you do a welcome post in 2019 you could have a big photo of some people kneeling on the ground, people standing up, and people standing on chairs. I hope you guys have a good year.
    Kind Regards


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